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Different Types of Activities You Can Do at Mangrove Conference and Convention Center!

Written by Astoria Palawan

January 31, 2020

Here at Astoria Palawan, we believe that you deserve the perfect place where you can create stories and endless memories. This is precisely the reason why our hotel in Puerto Princesa built Mangrove Conference and Convention Center – so that you could let us be a part of your lives’ biggest milestones!

But what type of activities can you really do at Mangrove Conference and Convention Center? Take a look at our cheat sheet below so you can start planning for your personal events and corporate initiatives for this year!

  1. Main Convention Hall

    Our Main Convention Hall can accommodate a maximum of 450 guests. With this enormous number of people, we can think of a couple of different exciting events which you can hold!

  2. Family Gatherings

    Astoria Palawan takes pride in being a very family-oriented resort, with its amenities catered to satisfy both the little ones and the young-at-heart. So if you are thinking about holding your future family reunions and events here, we would be more than happy to accommodate you!Ranging from events like renewal of vows, wedding anniversary celebrations, extravagant birthday parties, and a whole lot more, you can count on Mangrove Conference and Convention Center to bring you and your family even closer together.

  3. Debuts

    Whether the party is intimate or grand, we believe that debuts are worthy to be celebrated! It is such a wonderful time to gather everybody together, especially for the birthday celebrator. Whatever theme the debutante chooses, our staff will be more than happy to accommodate it! Anything to make the party one for the books!

  4. Christmas Parties

    The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year, both for kids and adults! Make it even more sensational by celebrating your Christmas parties with your closest loved ones and relatives. With our spacious hall, feel free to incorporate fun games for everybody to enjoy!

  5. Wedding Receptions

    Looking for the perfect place where to celebrate you and your partner’s special day? Our Main Convention Hall is big enough to gather your loved ones together. Let us all toast to a lifetime of love and laughter!

  6. Function Rooms

    As much as we do value the time you spend with your family and friends, we also believe that balance is still the key! Level up your corporate life by letting us be a part of your company’s future initiatives! Our two function rooms here at Mangrove Conference and Convention Center can accommodate a maximum of 200 people, which makes it perfect for your formal conferences!

  7. Business Meetings

    Are you in town in Palawan for your board meetings or shareholder meetings? Impress your clients not just with your presentations but also with our sleek function rooms, which are very conducive for productive forums and discussions!

Whether the event is intimate or grand, or personal or corporate, Mangrove Conference and Convention Center can surely make them worth remembering. So whenever you have a planned initiative either for business or for leisure, just let us know because we would be more than happy to provide you the ultimate “WorkPlays” experience!

Astoria Palawan

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