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Go on an adventure around the amazing city of Puerto Princesa

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Leave no stone unturned here at Puerto Princesa!
Explore the heart of Palawan by visiting these spots:

Irawan Eco Park

Irawan Eco Park is a nature-lover’s paradise. Go on a tour that will take you through 3,000 hectares of Palawan’s protected rainforest to enjoy a walk above the canopy, explore the river trail, and ride down 1.3 kilometers of Asia’s longest zipline. Escape the rush of the city for a day packed with exciting activities!

Inside City tour: Just 59.5km away from Astoria Palawan

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Marvel in an exotic experience as you travel down this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located underneath the St. Paul Mountain Range, the 8 kilometer-long Puerto Princesa Underground River reveals small waterfalls, craggy rock formations, and diverse creatures. This must-see spot is about an hour and a half car ride from Astoria Palawan!

Inside City tour: Just 60.9 km away from Astoria Palawan

Binduyan Falls

Binduyan Falls is about a 10-minute drive away from our resort. Adventurous vacationers can look forward to the 1700-meter forest hike to the falls. The journey will definitely be worth it – you can cool off at Binduyan Falls by bathing, cliff jumping, or staying in the shallows for a healthy fish spa session!

Inside City tour: Just 9.9km away from Astoria Palawan