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Tourist Spots

Go on an adventure around the amazing city of Puerto Princesa

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Leave no stone unturned here at Puerto Princesa!
Explore the heart of Palawan by visiting these spots:

Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile Farm is for the stouthearted. You can walk down ramps that overlook full-grown freshwater and saltwater crocodiles while learning all about them. Visitors can also meet and take pictures with hatchlings! Located in the Palawan Wildlife Rescue Center, the Crocodile Farm is over an hour away by car from Astoria Palawan.

Inside City tour: Just 58.1 km away from Astoria Palawan

Iwahig River Firefly Watching

Witness lights that no cityscape can replicate. Over an hour from Astoria Palawan, the Iwahig River Firefly Watching Tour takes you on a boat ride to the heart of the mangrove forest, where you can witness fireflies glow like constellations of stars. It definitely feels like a scene from a fairytale!

Inside City tour: Just 66.1km away from Astoria Palawan

Baker’s Hill

Baker’s hill is a travelling foodie’s dreamland. This tourist spot is famous for its freshly-baked and delicious local delicacies that you can munch on or take home as pasalubong. If you want a taste of Puerto Princesa’s pastry paradise, Baker’s Hill is just over an hour away from Astoria Palawan!

Inside City tour: Just 55.6km away from Astoria Palawan