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Palawan Waterpark

Experience Puerto Princesa's first and only waterpark

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Velocity and Vortex Slides

Waterpark adventures are never complete without the joys of zooming down giant slides. At Palawan Waterpark, our colorful slides are the ultimate paths to exhilaration. If you want a straight and fun splash down the waters, then conquer our majestic Velocity Slides. But if you prefer to go through thrilling twists and turns, then our Vortex Slides are perfect for you!

Surf's Up Pool

Besides the resort's infinity pool, our waterpark also features the Surf's Up Pool that comes with six varying levels of waves. Designed to resemble the wonderful movement of the ocean, this part of the waterpark will surely put a smile on your face. Whether you take a dip, or slide down into it, we are confident you will find endless fun here at our Surf's Up Pool!

St. Paul River Ride

Slow days are made much better, here at Palawan Waterpark, through our St. Paul River Ride. Also known as the "lazy river", this ride is where you can find some well-deserved peace and quiet, as the calm currents take you on a tour around the entire glory of our one-hectare waterpark. Just pick a floater, find a relaxing position, and let the river do all the work for you.

Tumbling Buckets Zone

Designed for your little ones, kids can appreciate the waterpark through various slides, a shallow pool, and a swing at the Palawan Waterpark’s Tumbling Buckets Zone. Of course, adults are welcome to explore this part of the waterpark as well; after all, this is the perfect place to let the kid in you out for the ultimate aqua adventure!

Batak Misters

These colorful and towering structures take inspiration from one of the last surviving indigenous groups in the country - the Batak Tribe of northeastern Palawan. Enjoy getting sprayed with water as you pass from one pillar to another!

Marine Sanctuary

This part of the waterpark showcases stunning sculptures of Palawan’s endemic fauna. Statues of crocodiles, the endangered Dugong, and the blue whale are sure to make splashing around an even more interesting experience! Wage fun water wars with our bamboo water cannons and jellyfish water geysers.

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9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday to Sunday

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Astoria Palawan Booking Advisory

Due to the continuous surge of COVID-19 cases in the area, Astoria Palawan will remain closed for both local and international tourists until further notice.